Price List


BEEF CUTS Price (per pound)

Arm Roast $4.50

Beef cubes $5.00

Bottom Round Roast $5.25

Brisket $6.00

Chip Steak (steak-ums) $7.00

Chuck Roast $5.00

Delmonico (boneless ribeye) $16.50

Eye of round Roast $5.75

Ground Beef (90/10 lean) $5.00

Short Ribs (great for smoker) $5.00

Hamburger Patties $5.50

Heart $2.60

Liver $2.00

Top Round Steak(London Broil) $6.50

Ox Tail (Must Pre-Order) $2.50

Patties (lean 90/10) $5.50

Porter House Steak $13.50

Rump Roast $5.00

Shin Meat $2.50

Sirloin Steak $8.70

Soup Bones (bone broth) $3.00

T Bone Steak $13.25

Tongue $2.00

Top Round Roast (10 pounders for smoker-just ask) $5.25

Top Round Steak $6.90

Cheese- $5 per block

Augie’s Italian Herb

Bud’s Old Bay

Garlic and Chive

Hot Colby Jack

Just Cheddar

Smoked Cheddar

Eggs- $3 per dozen or $5 for 2 dozen

Broom’s Bloom Ice Cream

Large $7 (when available)

Small $4

Locally Grown Specialty Garlics- $4 per bundle

Local Raw Honey- $8 per pound by weight

To keep costs down we accept cash, check, paypal (make sure we are friends to avoid fees), and venmo. Instructions are on the wall in the market, and you will see the business card in my picture on each. The proper email is and there is a qr code you can scan with your phone.