Welcome to Martha’s Farm Market!

Welcome to Martha’s Farm Market. We are farmers, stewards of the land, and keepers of the cattle. We are proud of six generations producing food for our country on Ag Preserved Farmland. We provide a local resource for high quality, reasonably priced, locally grown and sourced food as an alternative to “traditional grocery store shopping”.

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About The Amos/Yarrington Family

Our Love of Agriculture and our desire to provide quality products to our customers inspire us to forge ahead every Day, caring for our animals and land. We enjoy visiting with our customers and sharing the AG Story.

A little history! In 1948, when Dad graduated high school, he and my grandparents built a dairy barn and started milking cows. Prior to that, they raised acres and acres of tomatoes. The first milk that left the farm was in milk cans that were transported to a loading dock of the Ma & Pa Railroad, ultimately to be transported to the dairy plant in Baltimore. Fast forward 68 years and 6 generations we are still in the business. We have 200 head of of dairy and beef cattle and farm 200 acres of crops. Along the way, we have had several fair champions and have won many awards for milk quality and production. Today we have family laborers from 28 to 88 years old. Through it all we have adapted new practices and accepted new technology as it has evolved, but still focused on the basics of being stewards of the land and caregivers of the animals. It is both a challenge and a pleasure to be an operating farm here in Harford County. Our fondest hope is for our farm business to continue for future generations of our farm family.

We also have cage free eggs from our chickens and hand crafted cheeses made with milk from our cows. We also offer Broom’s Bloom Ice Cream, Lil Deep Creek Farm Garlic, Lohr’s Apple Cider, local honey, straw. Fresh vegetables, plants and flowers are available seasonally. If you are looking for something we don’t have, we will help you find it!

About Martha

Martha and Charles Glasgow were neighbors and friends for many years! They even used to help my mom and dad put Christmas toys together (on Christmas Eve) for my sister and I. They were like a second set of parents. My very first registered Holstein came from their herd of milking cows. They were my 4-H leaders. Martha encouraged me in 4-H to keep records and turn in my record book, which won me scholarships and a highly coveted trip to 4-H Club Congress. Both Martha and Charles were very involved in the farming community. They are survived by many loving family members who can tell more about them then I know. We are truly honored to be able to start Martha's Farm Market in the Milk House of their farm that we were lucky enough to acquire recently. I hope they are smiling down at us as we continue their proud stewardship!

About Our Products


We sell only our own raised grass fed, grain finished beef, raised by hand in a small group setting. We use no antibiotics or hormones. The animals are put out to graze at about 8 months and are supplemented with grain and hay and corn silage until they are ready for harvest. Our beef is federally inspected, dry aged and vacuum packed by a local butcher to ensure freshness.

We have individual cuts available at the market, or you can buy in bulk for more savings. 1/8, ¼, and ½, and whole animal are accepted with advanced orders. Our bulk price per pound of hanging weight is $2.85, plus $.65 per pound to the butcher. If you buy a whole animal, your price per pound of hanging weight is $2.60 plus $.65 to the butcher. This offers substantial savings if you have enough freezer space. We can also create a “bundle” according to what cuts of meat you are interested in and price it accordingly.


The cheeses we offer are handcrafted from the quality milk from our own award winning cattle. It is made in small artisianal batches by our cheese maker in Kirkwood, PA. The quality of his workmanship and our high quality milk make for a superior tasting product. Enjoy Bud’s Old Bay, Augie’s Italian Herb, Garlic and Chive, Just Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar and Hot Colby Jack. Cheeses are $5 for 8 ounce blocks.


Our chickens are free range during the daylight hours. They roost at night in their chicken condo to be safe from predators! Eggs are $3 a dozen or 2 dozen for $5. Visitors enjoy the personal greetings of our inquisitive, friendly hens.


We ofter seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as pet milk, flowers, straw, corn stalks, pumpkins, Broom's Bloom Ice Cream, Lohr's cider, local honey, and local garlic from Lil Deep Creek Farm. If there is something you are looking for and don't see it just ask! As time goes on we hope to have more ag products and will keep you informed!

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“Wonderful family owned farm store. Great customer service and very knowledgeable about their products. Worth the drive if you’re in Bel Air!!”


“Awesome folks and delicous food!! A must for local eggs, beef (meat and soup bones), honey, and cheese (very yum) wish I had found them sooner!”


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